November 18, 2012

Unfair Criticism

It's amazing how many will feel that any discussion relating to money means that speaker is only focussed on the topic.  Focussed? Yes, most definitely! Obsessed? Definitely not.

Awareness of the fact that money rates second to oxygen in our very existence is a good starting point to develop fiscal intelligence.

There are many reasons why we can be drawn to the ideal of something for nothing.  I'll be the first to admit that the idyllic paradise where all is provided with little or no return is quite inviting at times.

But like anything that is not used it would only be a matter of time before boredom would set in and the search would begin for new challenges and adventures.

When the routine of the our lives becomes a drain on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual resources it's easy to look for the easy way out.  To recognise this though is to create solutions that make progress possible even when the energy is low.

One good example is the family with a new infant. From experience having an infant in the home is demanding and while parents may express how they're feeling they still love and care for their child.

It is possible to obtain occasional respite, but the long term task is by far incomplete.

So too with providing for those things which make life meaningful.

If energy is low or health is poor this is not an excuse to quit. It may mean working at a different pace and achieving less. However it is these times where the focus is greater and often more is achieved in a shorter time frame. Similar to starting very early in the morning.

The generations who experienced the depression of the 1930's seem to have had an attitude of whatever happens, ignore it and get on with life. This leads to the philosophy that you're going to feel whatever you're feeling whether you're working or not.

By now many will believe I'm promoting slavery. This is not the case. Such are the failings of human communication.

We all need rest and recreation to recharge ourselves. We need love and laughter, warmth and light. Sure there are times when we need solitude too.

The pursuit of fiscal security and freedom is best achieved through living a balanced  life.'

That's why I created Economic Vision.

My challenge this week is to set a goal of achieving six small objectives each day. Objectives that lead to some greater goal, dream or objective.

Make it a great week.


November 5, 2012

Wanted Success

      There are a wealth of stories where persistence paid off. Sometimes after seemingly overwhelming odds.

    Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor company, was bankrupted several times before going on to become one of the wealthiest men of his time.

    Walt Disney was sacked from one position because he had 'no imagination!' Added to that were the many banks who said his idea simply wouldn't work. He should stick to creating cartoons.

    J. K. Rowling (Author of Harry Potter series) conceived the idea for the series on a train trip from Manchester to London in 1990. She's led a "rags to riches" life story, in which she progressed from living on social security to multi-millionaire status within five years. Now with an estimated net worth of over two hundred and thirty eight million pounds. (Over half a billion dollars) (source Wikipedia)

    Susan Boyle became an 'overnight celebrity' on Britain's Got Talent at the age of forty seven. She was another rags to riches story and after coming runner up in the final though she had missed her chance. Since then she has been following her passion around the world. Singing and delighting people. 

     The interesting thing about these men and women is that they never set out to 'make money.' It was the pursuit of a passion and persistence that saw them become 'wealthy' as a by-product.

     Too often when the focus is on 'making money' lack of results can lead to giving up (and usually just before they would have made it.)

     In Economic Vision the questions are asked; "what is it you enjoy doing or are good at?"  "Are there ways that it could provide an income outside of what you're already doing?" 

     Make a list of ideas you've thought of over the years and see if there's something that still fires your imagination. Then pursue it.

     Who knows where it will lead.