March 27, 2014

Review Time

       Here we are a quarter of the way through 2014. How's the year looking compared with how you thought it would back in January? Or any of the five years before that. For many of us the picture isn't quite the same. 

       For a fortunate few it is actually much better. 

       So what is it that these fortunate few are doing that many of us aren't. They are obviously doing something different. They understand that definition of insanity that is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting something different to happen.

       Basically something has happened that's caused a shift in thinking, a shift in the way things are seen and done. Imagine that how different your life could be with extra income or more precisely cashflow. For many that means extra work and being already tired from what we're doing now.

       Think too about the amount of change in the way things are done and the regulations that govern our lives. A few years ago a federal politician said that if you have enough money (cashflow) it doesn't matter who's governing the country. In many ways he's right.

       There is no formal training in handling our money and usually it's just bits and pieces we pick up along the way that forms our plans and ideas. The best way to succeed at anything is to learn from those who've already succeeded. 

       Economic Vision was written at the outset of the Global Economic Crisis in late 2009 and provides a simple, understandable way of becoming financially secure.

        One of the seven keys of financial security and freedom is to review your current situation and take a few minutes to consider how you're doing now in comparison to how secure you want to feel and be in the future.

        In the next few months Economic Vision will be in communities around Australia presenting ways to change the financial security for you and your family. A good starting point is to review the basics and see how you can enhance your life from here on. 

        Kathleen O'Dwyers 'Simply Brilliant Budgeting' is based on the practical experience of a teacher who found a better way and became an entrepreneur.

         Economic Vision, the foundation of personal financial freedom' is based on principles that have been used by successful people for generations. It provides the 'how to' build security and success from the ground up.

       I look forward to meeting with you and your community members in the near future.