July 18, 2011

Effort and reward

    Have you ever stopped, looked back and gone "WOW!"?

   Well today was one of those days of realising just how far you can go when you're not looking back or even thinking about the end result. Just have the goal, the latest task in front of you and that's all there is in the moment. Then before you know it, the job is done and that's another box you can tick.

    Today was one such day, everything flowed and one thing lead into another, more boxes got the tick of completion and the day now ends with a deep sense of satisfaction.

     That self same experience is one that people following the plans that they have laid in for there future. Over the last twenty years I've heard many highly successful people say the end result started with the seed of an idea, or a nudge or even a long forgotten dream.

     The objective an be something quite simple and personal, these are the best ones. Ones that two people choose to put a goal in front of them, take a no quit attitude, roll the sleeves up and get stuck in.

       Like Economic Vision, the book, it took ten days of focussed attention to complete. The publish and printing took a little longer, but the point I want to make here is not that I am good. Rather that there was a purpose, followed by a vision and then the goal to complete it.

        From a short investment of time has come the deep sense of satisfaction of holding a creation that is now being seen by many professionals as something they have been wanting to have and to give their clients for a long time. 

        For me though it is knowing that many people will have the opportunity of greater financial security for them and future generations.

         Very shortly there'll be a very special offer to help enhance your future by having a vision and the tools to bring that vision into being.

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