June 21, 2012

However Long It Takes.

There are a few memorable quotes that have been encouragement over the past fourteen years of putting an idea together and now it's time has come. Quotes like "if you don't quit you will make it." Bert Gulick and "never, never, never give up" Sir Winston Churchill.

Arriving at that moment when you just know, you feel it and even though it's still has challenges its worth it.  Just like the first time a parent holds their newborn, a singer is given recognition or (in my case) my first solo flight.  That moment when  you can see the plan laid out (in the case of the infant this will definitely change) and despite feelings of inadequacies you know very soon it will be something you do without even thinking about it.

Tomorrow is a new day in Economic Vision. It is the day that we take that first solo and in the word of singer/songwriter John White, The Skies No Limit.

There are a few key people who encouraged and inspired a commitment to bringing Economic Vision to life. To them a very special thanks, you know who you are and I truly value your friendship and support.

Over coming days and weeks I'll be posting updates and encourage anyone who is planning or doing anything that closely resembles their life's purpose to commit to it 110%, no matter what the odds.

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