April 9, 2013

Changes and Your future.

Based on chapter five of Economic Vision.

A couple of weeks ago I spent half a day reviewing the first quarter of 2013 and planning the second. Two things became apparent from this exercise. The first, the plans and goals for the year are on track and the things that will be needed to achieve the second half are falling into place.

The greatest part of the first half was ticking the boxes of what needed doing and putting into place so that the end result for 2013 could be achieved.

That half day also helped identify a couple of potential weaknesses in the overall plan. In addressing them I was able to make a quantum leap in achieving objectives of the second quarter.

There are now a couple of questions you need to ask yourself:

Firstly how much of my objectives did I achieve in the first quarter and secoondly what can I do to improve in the second?

Remember "all life is adjustment and balance."
(Morehei Ueshiba, founder of Aikido)

What this great teacher taught was that any change is going to unbalance things. It's necessary therefore to make adjustments to how we see and do things to restore that balance.

The only constant thing is life is change, therefore we need to become good at adapting to change.

This is why planning and reviewing are essential to success.


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